Biggest Sports Upset in History

Regarding sports upsets, few things are sweeter than watching a longshot win over a heavy favorite. The ‘Miracle on Ice’ was a perfect example of this. A heavily favored team lost to a heavily favored American squad, and the outcome was considered an upset. In the same way, a great sports upset can be the result of an unlikely combination of herculean effort and freak luck.

One of the most improbable sports events in history came in the 1980s when Herb Brooks’ group of college hockey players defeated the world’s best hockey team. The Soviet coach later acknowledged that he did not know what to do after his team had beaten him. The team was a 5000-1 long shot, but they pulled off the win. Similarly, Leicester City won the English Premier League title as an underdog two years ago.

Another significant sports upset occurred in the 1980s when the North Carolina State Wolfpack defeated the Houston Rockets. They did so by hitting a 24-yard field goal with 26 seconds left. In the final seconds, the Cougars held off the Wolfpack, which would take a few years before they could repeat the feat.

The Soviet Union was regarded as the best ice hockey team in the world, and they had won 4 gold medals at the Olympics. Nevertheless, they were heavy favorites to win their fifth gold medal in New York. While the Soviet team was comprised of world-class professionals, the Americans were a mix of amateurs from various college teams. The team won the final 4-3, and many people had never seen anything like that.

The following are some other historical sports upsets:

  • Appalachian State Beats #5 Michigan and Ends its National Title Hopes in the First Week
  • US National Hockey Time Winning the 1980 Olympics Miracle on Ice against the Soviet National Team
  • New York Giants Ruin the New England Patriots Hopes for a 19-0 Record in the Super Bowl XLII
  • New York Jets beat Baltimore Colts in 1969

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For more information, here is an infographic from CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History


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