Brutal card layout baccarat techniques Part 3

3. The layout of two cut cards Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat result table, it will be a winning card on either side not more than 2 times in the amount of the first 30 eyes, for example, it is a table tennis card first. and then released as a pair of cards however, it will be issued as a dragon tail card layout. say bananas If the dealer wins close together, they will only close together 2 times. no 3rd time

4. The layout of two sticks Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat results table, it will be the cards that win consecutively twice, alternating back and forth several times. or also known as double

but will issue the same winner 2 times indefinitely, for example Player , Player , Banker , Banker , Player , Player , Banker , Banker , the red card wins no more than twice consecutively Suffice it to win two consecutive wins and it will cut blue if it’s the opposite. The two sides that are cut into the blue side are called “Two blue cuts.

5. The layout of the three cutters Betflix Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat results table, it is a card that is in any column that wins no more than 3 consecutive times. Enough to win 3 consecutive times, the cards will be cut into four opposites. But in this case, maybe the player , player , player , banker , player , player , player , banker like this too.

6. The red card layout doesn’t stick. Baccarat cards are issued like this. When we look at the baccarat results table, it is the only red card that is drawn. Or simply put, the card is red and it won’t show another red double. The next ball will be blue. He doesn’t get red, some people call it “Dang Loi”, depending on what people call each other. If it’s the opposite, the burial that is “not attached” in blue is called. “The blue one doesn’t stick”

7. The dealer’s card Ever wondered why betting on the banker’s side has payout rates? 0.95 when placing a bet of 100 baht, only 95 baht will be obtained. From studying the game of Baccarat in the amount of the first 50 eyes, there is a chance of more than 60 % to come out on the banker’s side more than on the player’s side. resulting in a banker card layout When you look at all the statistics, there will be an opinion that there is an exit.

More dealers Getting the dealer in a row very often gives the most easy chance of origin. So there is a player playing cards. Even if the cards come out like this, we will be able to place bets very easily.

The layout of the cards that is brought to understand today is the basic knowledge that many Baccarat masters use. Then you will be able to beat the casino baccarat game more easily. There are guidelines for placing bets in Online casinos have good raw, knowledgeable gambling, making it easy to win baccarat games if you are satisfied with baccarat. Ask to be close to all players 24 hours a day.

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