Things You Need to Know About Rummy Game

The online gaming industry right now is at the budding stage where people are exploring their fields of interest. Games like Rummy which was already popular when it was played offline are now getting huge popularity even in online mode. Not only kids, but people from every age group love to enjoy card games like Rummy. Platforms like rummy gold are gaining a lot of popularity for offering many exciting cash prizes to the players.

Whenever you start playing any game it is important to learn a few things prior so that you can avoid mistakes. Let us discuss what are the things that you must know about a rummy game before you start playing it.

All you need to know about rummy games

Rummy is a card game where two decks of playing cards along with two jokers are required. Rummy is a multiplayer game where players have to compete against each other to win the game by forming sequences and sets from the given cards. Players can take and discard cards from the two piles. There are two piles out of which one is closed and another one is open. To declare themselves as a winner, players must form valid sequences and sets by using their skills.

The objective of the rummy game

The objective of the rummy game is to arrange the 13 cards into valid sequences and sets. For winning the rummy game you must form at least two sequences out of which one has to be a pure sequence. Except for one pure sequence a player can come up with a valid impure sequence or set. But remember one pure sequence is a must to declare yourself as a winner.

Pure and impure sequence

A pure sequence is a group of three or more three cards where consecutive cards of the same suit are arranged. To form a pure sequence players cannot use a joker card in place of any missing card of the sequence.

An impure sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit where a joker card can be used in place of a missing card to complete the sequence.


A set is a group of three or more three cards where cards of the same value are included but of different suits. You can also use a joker card or a wild card while forming sets.

Joker card

There are mainly two types of joker used in rummy games. One is the printed joker ( usually two in one deck of playing cards) and the other is the randomly chosen joker card. To choose the joker card, one card from the deck is randomly picked and used as a joker for the rest of the game. Joker cards are a crucial part of the Rummy game. You must be careful while using a joker card. Joker cards are used as a substitute for a missing card and form an impure sequence which can help you in declaring yourself as a winner.

Once you have got to know about the game it is important to learn the rules and terms of the game as well. Platforms like GetMega are offering an online space where thousands of players enjoy card games like Rummy and Poker every day. It is one of the popular and secure apps which is considered to be safe for playing rummy for cash prizes. You can invite your friends to compete against you and win a chance to get exciting cash rewards. It is very simple to install the GetMega application on your smartphone and start playing rummy and poker on it.

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