Variants for spicing up your poker game sessions

If you’ve been playing the same old Texas Hold ‘Em poker game online over and over, you looking to change things up. While no-limit Hold ‘Em will always be the most popular online poker format, trying out some new poker variants is a great way to keep your gaming sessions fun and exciting.

Omaha poker

Omaha poker uses many of the same basic rules as Texas Hold ‘Em. The cards dealt and the value of the hands, differ significantly. With Omaha games, you get four-hole cards instead of two. To make a hand, you must use exactly two of your hole cards together with three cards from the board. This subtle change creates all sorts of new hand possibilities and challenges. The cards-in-hand and community card combo possibilities make Omaha a game of big draws, big bets, and big pots. You’ll need to learn new hand rankings specific to Omaha as well. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find this popular variant is an exciting and potentially lucrative departure from standard Hold ‘Em.

7-card stud

If you want to distance yourself from community card poker games, try out some 7-card stud action. In this classic poker version, there are no shared cards. Instead, each player receives three hole cards and four exposed upcards that only they play. With no communal cards to read and so many down and upcards in the opponent’s holdings, the 7-card stud relies heavily on reading other players. With seven cards to work with, the hand possibilities also get more interesting. You even end up with a straight, flush, and full house all in one hand! With unique gameplay and strategies compared to Hold’em, the 7-card stud is a refreshing change of pace for any poker enthusiast. Just be ready to brush up on your opponent-reading skills when you play 와우포커 머니상.


For you mixed-game lovers out there, HORSE ups the ante by blending five popular poker variants into one wild game. The HORSE acronym stands for each style you’ll play:

  • H – Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Omaha High/Low
  • R – Razz
  • S – Seven-card Stud
  • E – Seven-card stud Eight-or-better

In HORSE games, you’ll rotate through each of the five game types, playing several rounds of each as you go. This keeps all players versatile and adaptable while introducing an extra layer of fun and unpredictability. Being skilled at just Holdem won’t cut it here – you need to be able to switch gears and strategies as the games change.

Dealer’s choice

Similar to HORSE, Dealer’s Choice games involve switching between various poker variants. But there’s an added twist: instead of preset games, the dealer or a designated player gets to choose what poker style is played for each hand. You play just a couple rounds of 7-Card Stud, switch over to Omaha, then some pineapple Hold ‘Em before moving on. The constant shifts make Dealer’s Choice a true test of just how deep your mixed poker skills go. Adapting to your opponents’ choices on the fly is essential. Adapting to your opponents’ choices on the fly is essential. Dealer’s choice games require top-notch versatility and recall but provide tons of entertainment too.

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